Happy New Year 2015

I have to admit first, that 2014 had been a difficult year for a lot of agents, especially with the cooling measures. But I am very thankful, that with the support of some very loyal clients, I’ve managed to survive by God’s grace. And this is the year i say goodbye to the company that has helped me propel in my career.

Fact is Propnex has created some very good agents. If being the top 20 percentile is any indication, then I am humbled. If i had survived in a harsh environment or erratic market, then i must have been blessed abundantly. Propnex has been good in its education, because everyone knows that only good agents can survive. Even more so if you have a good leader, and that’s where I am blessed..no, not brown-nosing, but to survive in an industry like Real estate, you need to have a good training support, and a very good manager/boss/leader combo. You will notice all 3 combos are different. And I am thankful for Propnex but I also felt the need to soar.

So when my manager/boss/leader Raama set out to set up a company called Authors Real Estate Advisory, I also followed..as my mentor, he has taught me the ethics and the skills needed to survive and do well in the industry. There was also a steep learning curve to engage the market with cutting edge technology and market understanding. And I am excited!

I have to thank my most esteemed clients for the continued support,and through their referrals, i have gained more good clients,and friends as well. That’s why i love my job! Looking forward to a good 2015, and I pray that those reading this will be blessed abundantly in 2015, with good health and great prosperityaward - Version 2


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