O$P$-Uniquely Singaporean Problem

This problem of illegal loansharks have been a constant headache not just for the borrowers but also the neighbours as well. Especially when it comes to selling their homes. Imagine if you are a buyer and this scene greets you when you come for a viewing. It’s an immediate turn-off and drives away good prospects. This is a real nuisance for something the innocent neighbours have no control of.

There is no guarantee even, that when you buy a hdb flat, few months down the road, and you see a pig head on your gate, and it’s no fault of yours. It can happen to anybody. I had one seller who was spending one whole afternoon cleaning his front door of red paint. Good thing is it was done just before it was given the option. Imagine if t was just before the viewing..eagle-eyed buyers or agents would have alerted and a good prospect would have flown away. It was not the sellers fault but a neighbour a floor away. Not a case of mistaken identity..these fellas just want to irritate everybody in the block.

Police have been clamping it down real hard not only on the loan sharks, but also the runners as well. With CCTVs, this has been made possible and easy to catch these criminals. Some homeowners have equipped their homes with CCTVs as a great deterrent, and personally i feel,is a great investment.

The other thing to note is that these guys hit that place ONLY ONCE, most of the time. They know that once a place have been hit, police and residents alike, will be on high alert. In fact, this will a great time for CCTVs sales guys to make a great pitch,but i digress.

Buyers just need to be aware that the police have been doing everything they can, but as residents, we can also play a part in being vigilant. If you find a block that has been hit, chances are it will hit a lot less than one that has not been hit at all. There is no way to find out if any of your immediate neighbours have been taking money from the loanshark..but put CCTVs as part of your renovation budget,and at least you have the assurance and confidence that you are less likely to be hit with an unnecessary redecoration

On a side note, my father who lost his patience with burglars who keep stealing his bicycles, installed a $5 fake CCTV and the stealing has stopped for a long time. It comes with fake wiring as well..just to give that authenticity..LOL


Screenshot from 2012 series from Mediacorp

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  1. install a good wireless cctv camera with ip link. motion detection setting on at night and email alert to your phone. the moment a potential incident happens and you’re alerted u can view from your phone and alert the police. with that quick alert police can search the surrounding area asap rather than long after the incident is over. if possible cloak the ipcam.

  2. Excellent advice bro..thanks

  3. Soju Skariah says:

    Bro you referring to me ” seller , who was spending , one whole afternoon, clearing his front door of red paint:”

    Pls pay me royalty to publish my story !


    Bye Soju


    1. wow..at least i know u r reading…yes la i still owe u one dinner..but hats off to you for being so patiently cleaning off the paint

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