Book Review: 99 How to’s in Real Estate sales by Lim Yong Hock

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Finally, the book I have been waiting for a long time. I just needed to skim through the contents to see what the KEO of Singapore’s biggest Real Estate company could offer. Dare I say that the man I honour and respect has finally released a book. Mr Lim Yong Hock, is by far, one of the best trainers in Real Estate in Singapore. So it’s no secret that this book will be in good demand. So how is this book different from the rest of real estate sales book out there? His expertise are first hand experience spanning over many years when the market is up and down. Not forgetting his mentor is Ismail Gafoor, I am sure he has his own insights to share as well.Hence the right person to write and share his valuable experience with the hope that those who read will be imparted with the skills to survive in a bad economy such as now.

On first glance, the book looks simple enough to read,and I managed to finish it within half a day..That too with speed reading,of course..It’s Yong Hock’s style to make it simple and easy to understand. Most of the information, you may know if you had gone for his Sales Mastery course. One of the best courses in Real estate to offer. He has practically given most of his scerets to success. I liked his short biography,on his struggles and failures. It was easy to identify with him. His tips, if not new, will be a fresh reminder to all agents. I strongly recommend this to any agents , new or experienced, to take this book as a guide to steer your career.


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