2011- A perspective

Overall it has been a great year!

Start of the year, i asked for 3 things from God, a practice we do in New creation church: 1) that my son will do better in school-he had a learning disability, He couldn’t even write or read when he entered school last year in 2010. Now he can write eligibly, and have started to read books. A marked improvement

2) That i will do well in my career.  Sales was good for 1st and last quarter. But more than the money, I have made very good life long friends from my clients. that i feel is my true mark of success.

3)That i will clear all debts..that was done in December.

In the 2nd and 3rd quarter, a devastating news broke me: my son was diagnosed to have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. That completely threw me off guard, and off track..I couldn’t work or think…for 2 weeks after he was diagnosed, i was crying continuously..His legs literally turn to jelly when he walks, and was walking on his toes, a precursor to wheel-chair bound. But the moment I found strength in God’s word, and told God that i will let go and let God, the heaviness in my heart left.

Thou there is no cure, and he’s not under medication except some ayurvedic tonic, Ryan has been walking strong albeit with a swagger..Well it was much better now then when he was diagnosed initially.. This year i know that Ryan will be cured somehow, by Jesus’s stroke of a miracle..He will do better in his class as well, i believe.

And there will be unceasing fruitfulness in my career. Yesterday my manager called and told me that i was the top in the team. This year i hope to be top in the group and eventually the company. This will all come to pass

But my sincerest wish is that I will want to start a foundation for children. That will be the start of my legacy


God bless you all for a fruitful 2012, with shalom peace, health and prosperity

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