Going paperless?

With the recent changes in the Real Esate scene with regards to conformity and uniformity, it would be a great idea to go paperless, like how the financial planning companies does, where we could input into documents and get clients to sign on the spot.

Then begs the question:  What platform?. With and onslaught of tablets springing up like overnight mushrooms, we have almost all big players coming up with their own version of tablets. Apple is coming up with iPad2, that is a direct killer for most tablets, including the upcoming Motorola Xoom. On March 2nd, we will know how the iPad2 will look like. Then it will be the war not just between tablets but operating systems. Google’s android looks set to be THE operating system, while Apple’s iOS is being used the most. The question will be: Who can get the most apps?

I just believe that tablets should replace paper, and it already started with ebooks..so next will the countless forms that is in dire need to be replaced? Let me tell you why it’s worthwhile to go paperless. It cost me $50/month just to replace ink for the countless forms i need to print or copy..times that by 12 months, and you will have enough money to buy a tablet. Plus ready information ALWAYS on the go, and thats’s priceless, when it can make you look good to your prospective clients. And of course taking down notes, as in scribbling on a tablet, like a traditional “analogous” notebook..PRICELESS.

SO get a good tablet, and go mobile!


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