So, Can your house fetch C.O.V $50k?

Since the cooling measures that kicked in after Aug 31st, HDB sales have seen a drop. But sales are still going on, albeit a lesser COV. Lesser Permanent Residents are in the market looking for homes, possibly looking at alternatives of “moving” their private properties back in their homeland.


So begs the question, which houses get the COV of $50,000?

1) If you house is well renovated, give $10,000 to the valuation of the house

2)Give another $10,000 if the location is close to amenities like shopping centers, market,MRT

3)Another $10000 if your house is on a high floor (maybe high enough that clouds come into your house)

4)Add $10,000 if you have a fantastic view that stretches to indonesia and beyond

5)And last but not the least, if you are located in a mature estate, then you can add $10,000. Afterall, everything is in the location,location,location…

Disclaimer: This is a conclusion derived from the extensive study of homes in various estates,and studying current market situation. This is purely the opinion of the author



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