How to sell your house within a week?

Now that I have made some sales, and been in the market for awhile, here are some thoughts that I think I should share with you, and especially to some “jaded” agents, who have been in the market.

Not that I am experienced enough to “advise” anybody, but i have seen the slack of some agents with regards to their listings.


Just over the weekend, i went to see some houses for my buyers. One house was actually very nice, but not “dressed up”. And there was no sale just because of this. This agent, who drives a BMW, and have many listings, didn’t do much homework for this client of his.

So here are some tips you can use to make a quick sale:

1) For the above mentioned example, the house was a typical indian house, one loud with strong green and purple colours..YES! Green and purple.. One advise i would give my clients is to buy a big 5L can of white paint and paint the house, ALL white..may sound boring, but it will definitely would have brighten the house. 50% od the sale would have been done.

2) Get the RIGHT smell. Ask the owners to invest in scented candles which they can use during viewing in ALL the rooms. Smell SELLS..i would give it a 20% towards a positive sale.

3) Get the owner to turn on all lights and fans or a/c for viewing..Imagine you go to a posh showflat, and see that the lights are switched off, or the a/c not working, and you would be sweltering in the heat..Definitely not towards a sale..i give it a 5% towards a sale if all this is done beforehand

4)I use a professional photographer to take photos of the flat, to use it for advertisements. Most are drawn to the photos which are appealing to the eyes. Even a house in original condition can be appealing if you use the right photographer, and not using your iPhone to take photos..This is a 10% close to a deal.

So you see, at least a 85% close to a deal is possible,if you you follow these steps closely..the balance 15% is all about pricing, advertising etc..The bulk of the workload starts from dressing up the home 1st before a sale.

Call me if you are interested in a quick sale of you house..Mob:-91199344

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