For Sale: East Coast Private Residences-Costa Rhu

Dist15 Costa Rhu-TOP 1998

1)High flr,3+1,1647sqft,$1.7M,pool and seaview

2)Mid flr,2+1,1399sqft,$1.48M,pool view

3)Hi flr,2+1,1346sqft,$1.52M,bayview

4)Low flr,4+1,2088sqft,$3M,bayview

5)Mid flr,2+1,1346sqft,$1.47M,bayview

6)Mid flr,2+1,1355sqft,$1.55M,full bayview

7)Mid flr,2+1,1399sqft,$1.678M,sea/golf course view

8)Mid flr,2+1,1399sqft,$1.5M,pool view

9)Low Flr,2+1,1348sqft,$1.6M,River/indoor stadium view

10)Hi Flr,4+1,2056sqft,$2,467,200M,city/poolview

11)Mid flr,3+1,1776sqft,$2.2M,bay/river view

12)Mid Flr,2+1,1399sqft,$1.75M,Fountain view

12)Mid flr,2+1,1399sqft,$1.55M,pool view

13)Mid flr, 2+1, 1399sqft, $1,668,800M,poolview

14)Mid flr, 3+1, 1647sqft, $1,976,400M, poolview

15)Hi flr, 3+1, 1647sqft, $2,058,750M, poolview

16)Low Flr, 2+1, 1346sqft, $1.61M, Greenery view

17)Hi flr, 4+1, 2239sqft, $3,582,400M, Full bayview

18)Hi flr, 4+1, 2056sqft, $2.8M, Suntec/golfcourse view

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