Propnex 1st Quarter Seminar

CEO Ismail Gafoore gave very insightful view of what 2010 is going to be like. With backing of statistics, those who bought HDB houses from 2003-2006 will make the most of the profits NOW. Property prices are at its peak now, but private property is set to go higher. As in my previos report on Boon Lay condos coming up, the psf rate is one of the highest for an “unpopular” region, so one can imagine what prices will be like in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar,albeit,a tad too long.But i have more or less fine-tuned what i already know, with statistics to support this time..So when is a good time to buy? it’s definitely NOW!..ceteris paribus of course

If you wanna hear him talk on the latest, he is talking at the HDB Hub on this Saturday 10am..give me a holler to be a guest there


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