A semi-detached house, referred to as ‘semi-d’ for short, is a pair of houses joint side by side. A semi-detached house shares a common wall and fence. Very often, each house layout of a semi-detached house is a mirror-image of the other.

Pros and Cons of living in a Semi-detached house

A semi-detached house is a different type of private property from a bungalow which is fully detached. A semi-detached house only consists of two houses, any more and the semi-detached house has become a terrace house. Despite this, both houses of a semi-detached house can have a continuous front to rear backyard on either side.

As the two houses in a semi-detached house share a common wall, friendly neighbour relations is essential for a happy semi-detached house owner. HDB owners who often find themselves living too closely with strangers, may find a semi-detached house desirable. This is especially so when comparing the price difference of a semi-detached house to a bungalow.


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