Inter/Corner Terrace

An intermediate terrace, inter-terrace for short, is a house in between a row of terrace houses. The intermediate terrace is one of many houses joint side by side. Unlike the corner terrace house, there can be one to many intermediate terrace houses in a row of houses.

Pros and Cons of living in an Intermediate Terrace House

As there are more intermediate terrace houses as compared to the corner terrace, if you are looking for a terrace house, the intermediate terrace is more readily available.

As the intermediate terrace is in between two houses, some noise may filter through the common walls it shares with them.

A group of terrace houses can form cluster houses. In this case, the intermediate terrace shares a small or wide array of facilities with her neighbours. Depending on the development behind these cluster houses, the most common facilities the intermediate terrace can enjoy are a communal pool, gym and playground.

Despite the price difference, the size of the living area of an intermediate terrace is comparable to the corner terrace. If you are not a big gardening fan, the intermediate terrace has a smaller backyard, hence, less time and cost spent on maintenance.

Cheaper than a corner terrace, the intermediate terrace house may just be the house you are looking for.

A Corner-terrace house is the last house of a row of houses. For every row of houses, there is two of such corner-terrace house.

Pros and Cons of living in a Corner-terrace house

A corner-terrace house is very much preferred to an inter-terrace house. This is so because a corner-terrace has a bigger backyard for landscaping and other recreation purposes. Most of the time, a corner-terrace has a bigger living area as compared to an inter-terrace. It is not surprising then that a corner-terrace is more expensive than the one next door.

On the other hand, many a corner-terrace house are situated nearer to busy roads. Although spotted easily by first-time visitors, this particular corner-terrace has less privacy and less peace than her neighbours.

A corner-terrace house is similar to a semi-detached house because it only shares one common wall with her neighbour. A corner-terrace house also has a continuous front to rear backyard on one side, like a semi-detached house. HDB owners who often find themselves living too closely with strangers, may find a corner-terrace house desirable.

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