A bungalow is a type of single-storey house. The word, bungalow, comes from the Hindi word, bangla, from 1676. The bungalow, translated literally, is a Bengal-style house.

Traditionally, a bungalow is a small single-storey house, has a thatched roof and a sweeping veranda. However today, the bungalow is a large house that is usually single-storey or two-storey, with a spacious backyard. With or without a veranda, the modern bungalow is roomy enough to house an extended family.

Pros and Cons of living in a Bungalow

The single-storey bungalow is very convenient for the homeowner who needs wheelchair-accessibility in all living areas as there are no stairs. A neighbourhood dotted with many a bungalow offers more privacy than one with terrace houses. Trees or shrubs planted along the borders of the yard adds more privacy and green relief to your bungalow, providing a splendid retreat from a buzzing schedule.

When it comes to per unit area, a single-storey bungalow is more expensive to construct than a two-storey bungalow because a larger foundation and roof is required for a living area of the same size. A larger foundation requires a larger lot size. Hence, a bungalow is usually fully detached from other houses, it does not share a common foundation or common wall.


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